Ventilation rockets

For ventilation of grains and other bulk goods.


The device consists of a perforated tube, a lever and a 1.45 kW fan. After turning in the tube in the bulk good, the fan is easily clipped on the tube with the use of a clamp.

The areas of use of the device are both in the flat warehouse and for ventilation of a trailer. With this system, you can press air into the grain or optionally also suck it out of the grain.

    • The rocket works in a radius of up to 4 m
    • Area of use: flat warehouse of a warehouse height of up to 3.50 m
    • The system is easy to handle and flexible in its use.
    • The investment and operating costs are low.
Technical data
  • Air rate (with a tube diameter of 125 mm): 1800 m3/h
  • Fan: 1.45 kW
  • max. radius per rocket: 4 m
  • max. warehouse height: 3.50 m
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