Agriculture, heart blood and agricultural technology.



1979 – 1986 THE IDEA

Screw conveyors for Germany

The idea to bring the high-performance, mobile screw conveyor to the German market became reality, inspired by the example of the high-performance Canadian grain conveyor technology.

  • Company owner Wolfgang Kaiser has managed a farm in Canada for eight years, as well as a pulp fruit business near Wiesbaden.


Screw conveyor sales

Wolfgang Kaiser established CanAgro, which reflects its programme in its name and the reference to the import of Canadian technology.

  • The business activities focus on the sale of screw conveyors with an output of 15 t/h to 180 t/h with maximum transition heights of up to 21 m and lengths of up to 33 m.


Popular amongst farmers:the CanAgro quality

The business expands beyond its region quickly by mouth-to-mouth propaganda. A large proportion of the technology is imported from Canada to the Wiesbaden site.

  • The customers appreciate the quality and service of CanAgro in particular. 
Long-standing business relations are forged. The loyal customer base exists to this day, some relationships have a nearly friendly nature until this date.


Agriculture technology in Emleben

After Germany's reunification, CanAgro opens a branch in Thuringia's Emleben near Gotha.

2004 – 2007 OWN PRODUCTION

Improvement of the screw conveyors product range

CanAgro improves products and processes and has already made a good name of itself amongst German farmers.

  • Competitive edge in the production of screw conveyors.
  • The agricultural customers appreciate, in particular, the expertise, proximity to practice and customers as well as the commitment of the family. In addition to employees, wife Inge as well as son Frank and daughter Andrea work for the company.


Production & sales of screw conveyors

Increasing specialisation in screw conveyors and grain augers. The customer can choose between classic, mobile and stationary screws. Complex customer orders can also be implemented by the long-standing know-how and the necessary employees.

  • Am Standort Emleben wurde eine eigene F&E Konstruktionsabteilung eingerichtet. Konstrukteure und Technische Zeichner arbeiten mittels dem 3-D CAD Programm SolidWorks an Fördertechniklösungen.
  • Namhafte Sähmaschinenhersteller (Lemken, Väderstad, Amazone, Maschio, Pöttinger, Kuhn) konnten als Kunden gewonnen werden um deren Sämaschinen mit Befüllschnecken auszurüsten.
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