Screw conveyors

Our grain conveyor screws, as well as some auger screws are fitted with a coil placed on a handle.The special feed is a key technical feature that increases productivity considerably. Such as  special feed cannot be found on any other screw conveyor in Europe. 

The benefits of screw conveyors with special feed provide the following benefits

  • Higher longevity of the screw conveyor
  • 15% additional performance (compared to similar straight standard conveyor coils)
  • Improved uptake of the goods conveyed also in the event of steeper conveyor angle
  • Lower performance drop resulting from the angle of the screw conveyor
  • High performance at low rotation speeds (max. 450 r/min)
  • Enables more careful conveying and therefore less damage


The following conveyor screws are included in the product range of CanAGRO:

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