Mobile loading unit

The alternative to the auger carriage.

CanAGRO is currently developing various design studies for mobile loading units for energy-independent and flexible auguring of bulk goods.

The basic variant here always consists of a fill-in funnel installed on a chassis and a

  • upstream laterally and hydraulically unfoldable
  • and height-adjustable auger screw
  • Diameter: 330 mm (up to 200 t/h) or 400 mm (up to 300 t/h)

Planned are designs

  • with a chassis for attaching to the tractor or another existing drawing vehicle
  • as well as simplified models for the 3-point connection.

Also, various feed-in funnel designs are conceived, for instance 6-7 m long feed-in funnels for lateral tilting, as well as models with 2800 mm wide feed-in funnels for straight, reverse starting and tilting of rear and skip trucks.

The drive is provided via the tractive unit of a tractor.

Options for using this system:

  • as am auger carriage replacement during the harvest 
    The grain can be moved directly on the edge of the field on trucks.
  • as a mobile loading unit for grain dealers
    The grain stored by farmers can thereby be loaded on a truck.
  • for energy-independent loading of railway cars
    he supplying truck can drive with its complete rear wall width to the fill-in funnels of the loading unit and move the bulk goods using the auger screw.

  • energy-independent and non-trailer-bound loading of sowing machines and manure distributors
    The auger screw of the loading unit has a good range and is to be operated with low use of power (HP).
Technical data


Feed-in funnel

  • length: 6-7 m (for lateral tilting)
  • Width: 2800 mm (for straight reverse driving and tilting of rear or skip trucks)

Auger screw

  • laterally hydraulically unfoldable, height adjustable
  • Diameter: 330 mm (up to 200 t/h), 400 mm (up to 300 t/h)


  • Via tractive unit of the tractor

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